Datapath DL8


1:8 Dual-Link DVI Distribution Amplifier


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The Datapath dL8 is an eight output distribution amplifier
for ultra-high resolution Dual-Link DVI signals.
One Dual-Link DVI input supporting graphics sources with
pixel clocks up to 330MHz and resolutions beyond Quad-HD
(3840×2160) can be delivered to eight outputs on separate
DVI-D (Dual Link) connectors.
The Datapath dL8 is the perfect companion to up to eight
Datapath X4 stand alone display wall controllers each of
which can accept one of the Dual Link DVI outputs from the
dL8 and select four arbitrary regions from it for display on
standard DVI (Single Link)/HDMI monitors. In this way
display walls of up to 32 screens can be assembled quickly
and easily. And since the dL8 guarantees that all eight
outputs are exactly locked to the source all these 32
screens can be frame-locked for optimum display of
creative dynamic content.

The Datapath dL8 presents a fully programmable EDID to
the graphics source allowing simple control of resolution
and frame-rate.
1:8 Dual-Link DVI Distribution Amplifier
Advanced Graphics Display Technology
The EDID data can be programmed from a supplied
Windows® application using the USB connection or can be
simply sampled from a connected monitor or Datapath x4
using a front panel switch.
At high resolution DVI signals cannot normally be
guaranteed beyond 5m cables due to the nature of the
signal losses inherent in the DVI cables and connectors.
Datapath have added active equalization and re-clocking
hardware on the dL8 input port which is able to compensate
for these losses and support cable lengths of up to 20m
even at full dual-link resolutions (330MHz pixel clocks).
Lower resolutions will allow even longer cable lengths. The
high quality re-clocking signal processing ensures that any
timing skews that might be introduced by lower cost input
cables can be corrected within the dL8 maximising the
signal quality of the output signals.